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Courtroom star brings her talents to the stage

Posted Jul 02, 2018

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Kathy Wieneke isn’t just a star in the courtroom, she is also a star on stage.  On Thursday, June 28, Kathy (singer) and her fellow multi-talented lawyers, Bill Shostak (keyboard), Steve Evans (bass), Booker Evans (lead singer), Tim Ducar (drums), and Lee Holtry (guitar) reunited their band, the Stilettos, to take the stage at the Arizona State Bar Convention for the annual “Lawyers Got Talent” competition.   The Stilettos last performed at the 2011 State Bar Convention in Tucson, where they won second place.  This year, The Stilettos again delighted the crowd with Motown hits, bringing home an even greater honor – the People’s Choice Award!

In addition to being a trial warrior and singer of Motown hits, Kathy Wieneke is a classically-trained violinist.  As much as she enjoys performing with The Stilettos, she is not planning to quit her day job.  Her passion remains being the voice for others in the courtroom.  Her practice is dedicated to helping those who are sued, including governmental entities in claims involving road design, employment, school liability, and civil rights.

Kathy on Stage at Bar Convention   Stilettos at Bar Convention