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  1. California’s New Self Driving Car Approval

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    The new regulations, which take effect as of April 2, will pave the way for companies like Waymo, Uber, GM, and others to continue autonomous vehicle (AV) testing on the roads of the Golden State and likely will lead to the technology becoming mainstream.

    “This is a major step forward for autonomous technology in California,” DMV Director Jean Shiomoto said in a statement. “Safety is our top concern and we are ready to begin working with manufacturers that are prepared to test fully driverless vehicles in California.”

  2. Live Webcast

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    On February 15, Kathleen Wieneke is sharing her expertise in litigating #civilrights claims in a webinar for the National Business Institute. In “Civil Rights Litigation,” she will be discussing the basics of #section1983 claims and asking the right questions during #jury selection.